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10 Things You Wish You Know About America FC

FIFA Club World Cup From Nicknames To A Pichichi-Winner

10 Things You wish You Know About America FC
10 Things You wish You Know About America FC


The opposition to the Real Madrid’s FC in FIFA Club and during the World Cup semi-final is Club America. The Mexican giant celebrated its centenary during this year.

Check out the 10 things you may love to know about the club that expects the men of Zinedine Zidane’s .

1.) The Nickname Of America FC

The usual nickname ‘Cremas’, ‘Millionaires’, ‘Canaries’, ‘Millonetas’ or ‘Canarios’ -or ‘Creams’,  – but was later labeled and changed to ‘Eagles of America’, ‘Aguilas del America’. Therefore this nickname was given to the club as a result of a marketing campaign by the  Televisa who own them.

10 Things You wish You Know About America FC
10 Things You wish You Know About America FC

2.) America FC Is A Learning  Place For Europe Youngstar.

The Mexico City club is pleased with its youngstar academy. The club made lots of players that has made star football palyers for some  of the European clubs. These include  Espanyol’s Diego Reyes,Benfica’s Raul Jimenez, Porto’s Miguel Layun,  and Granada’s Guillermo Ochoa.

3.) One Of The America FC’s Deities Is Now A Mayor.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco scored 153 goals for club America and became their second-best goalkeeper. As a result of this, he enjoys much success in Europe. In addition, he became the favourite for fans while he spends his days as mayor of the city of Cuernavaca

4.) Salvador Cabanas In America FC

Salvador Cabanas is the player that was shot in the head but was still requested by Manchester United. He is a Paraguayan footballer and a star at Club America. Unclike the  Sir Alex Ferguson’s of Manchester United, he was also on the radar of European clubs. Despite these facts, his career ended when he got a shot in the head following his row at a nightclub. Although he survived the incident but cannot play football game on the top list anymore.

5.) America FC Centenary Hymn  Forgery

Due to so many complaint and crirtisism from people, the club america needed to stop their centenary hymn because it sounded so much like that of Sevilla FC.

6.) Leo Beenhakker Drove The America FC Through Its Best Time Frame

The Dutch Coach led the Club America on one of their most famous times during1995.  He would have been with the club up till now If not because of disagreement with the president while the president saw him depart Mexico City. In addition, Real Madrid went on a 34-match unbeaten run under Leo Beenhakker.

7.) Club Rivalry

From the History, the club is in rivalry with Chivas. The club (i.e Chivas) congratulated club America on their anniversary along with the hashtag #HateMeMore or #OdiameMas.

10 Things You wish You Know About America FC
10 Things You wish You Know About America FC

8.) Their Unbeaten Run

Club America has had 16 games in a row without experiencing a single defeat. Although this It may not be as exciting as Real Madrid’s 35-matches unbeaten games.

9.) Cantinflas, Savior Of The Club.

Mario Moreno Played a major role in assisting Mexico city to maintain the first division during its early years. He proved the vitality of its financial support. He is also a Film star, popularly known as Cantinflas.

10.) Chilean Ivan Zamorano

Chilean Ivan Zamorano played for Real Madrid and Club America. He was a star that won the Pichichi with Real Madrid in 1995, prior to his becoming the favourite of the fan at the Azteca.

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