3 Must-Have Cool Football Gear You Should Have In Your Kit Bag

cool football gear

Believe it or not, football is a sport where every second day you need first aid kit. If you are footballer, this fact will never surprise you because you might be facing collisions every day. Every footballer should give safety as the primary concern because this sport is very aggressive. How will you keep yourself safe inside the ground? The best answer is a cool football gear.

As everyone knows, you cannot step in the ground without the right football gears. No matter which league you are playing, what is your experience level, you cannot ignore safety gears. The best part is modern football gear is quite budget-friendly and lightweight. Today, we’ll be sharing the list of the essential cool football gear you need to beat your opponents on the field!

Shoulder Pads

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The first gear on our list is the shoulder pads. They are made up of a foam material covered with hard plastic material. It allows the players to stay away from the collisions can eliminate the risk of injury. Shoulder pads are available in an endless number of sizes. Some shoulder pads are smaller and larger in size; you can purchase the one that allows you to run freely without any hassle. However, the larger ones are often advised, but they are not lightweight but safeguard you from direct collisions.

Mouth Guard And Helmet

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Helmet and mouth guard is the most important cool football gears for every footballer. The helmet is made up of hard plastic and comes with a facemask. These things are mandatory to keep your eyes protected from direct collisions. Facemask is composed of metal bars, and the helmet has thick replaceable padding.

The next piece of equipment is mouthguard to protect your jawline. Now, for getting mouthguard, visit your dentist and he/she will assist you in getting the right equipment. Get the best mouthguard that fits your mouth and jawline appropriately.


Cleats are something you cannot forget while playing on the field. Football cleats are made up of plastic or strong metal. If you need a good grip over the surface, go for the metal ones. However, if you can shell some extra bucks go for the leather cleats. They are far more superior, versatile, and long-lasting. Plastic and metal cleats are suitable for kids and teenagers who are new to football.

Are you wondering why football cleats are so necessary? Football cleats provide necessary support during the lateral movement. They protect your legs muscles from getting stiff when you are accelerating suddenly and quickly. If you feel the need for additional support, go for high-cut cleats that are perfect for pro footballers. On the other hand, mid-cut and low-cut are perfect for amateur footballers.

Final Words

There are many cool football gears available for protection such as rib protectors, neck rolls, collar pads, etc. Now, when you know the best and must-have football gear, purchase them and get ready to beat your opponents on the field.

Stay Safe While Playing And Good Luck!

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