El Clasico: Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona

Facts You Never Knew About El-Classico

Introduction To El Clasico

El Clasico is a competition between two football giants in the world of football or just between one giant against another. Madrid and FC Barcelona Game is such a football march that catches the attention of the whole world, no matter the moment. Football competeition between these two superpowers of world football is frequently named as the “El Clasico” which means “The Classic” alluding to the magnanimous encounter among the two giants.

The rivery between these different teams is not quite the same with everything else. It can’t be contrasted with the family unit Merseyside or Milan derby nor to the battle among Catholic and partisan organizations in Glasgow (Celtic against Rangers).

El Clasico is beyond another derby on the planet as a result of the social and political contrasts between the two teams that ostensibly makes it the greatest controversy in the world of football. Here, we look into detail with respect to how a political battle between two prominent cities of Spain came to be referred to, worldwidely, as the El Clasico.

El Clasico: Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona
El Clasico: Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona

El Clasico: The First Meeting

Joan Gamper established FC Barcelona alongside a couple of non-Spanish indigenes in the1899. Real Madrid was established by Local Spaniards in the year 1902. Indeed, even before the occurrence of their first match, the hierarchy given to Madrid in the nation’s matter planted the seeds of discontent in the mind of the Barcelona Public.

Lord of Spain, Alfonso XIII orchestrated a contest in the year 1902 consisting of three football teams. The teams are  Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Basque club, Vizcaya. The Catalans won the first-ever game against Real Madrid  3-1 with the Los Blancos attributing to this misfortune as “the defeat against six foreigner in a single team”.

FC Barcelona was the triumphant team alongside Athletic Bilbao prompting the year of  the Spanish Civil War, that began the rivalry between these two teams in initially.

El Clasico: Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona
El Clasico: Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona

The Spanish Civil War (1936-39) 

At the point when the war started during the 1930s, military pioneer Francisco Franco organized a Coup d’état in 1936 which prompted the most exceedingly terrible carnage in the history of Spain. The patriot of Franco’s  won the war in 1939 and he began to take revenge on every of the power that were conflicting with his system.

President of FC Barcelona, Josep Sunyol, was executed by Franco’s men without a preliminary. This anchor the usurpations and snetiments of the local Catalan public. It was during the war and its afwermath when Barcelona’s motto of “Mes Que un club” came to exixtence. The moto came  when the club serve as the solution to the plan for the persecution by which the individuals faces every day from the regime of Franco.

El Clasico: Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona
El Clasico: Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona

The Fixture Which Intensified The Rivalry (El Clasico)

In 1943, the Copa Del Generalissimo (presently known as the Copa del Rey; Generalissimo was a tribute to Franco) saw an incident in the semi-finals that took the competition between Real Madrid and Barcelona to an alternate level by and large.

At Les Corts, Barcelona won the main leg 3-0 with the game being maligned by various refereeing mistakes. In the returning of the second leg in Madrid, fans of Barcelona were restricted from entering the the pitch.

In addition, people pelted Barcelona’s team with stones while in the bus on entring the stadium uand this causes a lot of tension. Inside the ground, bottle and coins were flung at the club’s players. The hosts, Madrid, went 2-0 prior to a Barcelona player that got a red card. Following that in the incident was gore of the most eminent request as Barcelona went behind 8-0 at half time.

The Catalan players dissagree to play the second half becaue thery were angry with the unjustice refereeing and unfriendly atmosphere. Franco’s men at that point barged into the guests’ cloth changing room and cautioned them to go out on through the field or else take the risk imprisonment. The Intensity of this ruthless abuse  favored Real Madrid to win 11-1. However, this kind of incident that occurred during the like this does not implant a glad moment in Real Madrid’s history.

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