A Mini Guide To Steelers Football Stuff

Steelers Football Stuff

Fans of Steelers are always very excited about Steelers football stuff. For Steelers fans, this guide will provide complete information about Steelers football stuff such as helmets, uniforms, and many other things. The color, logos, and uniforms of the Steelers NFL team are often ranked as the best. Their traditional style often helps in gathering a lot of praise and recognition. The Steelers atmosphere is so amazing and unique that you will surely enjoy it; it does not matter if you are visiting the city for a game or just around the city. During matches, you will surely enjoy hearing steelers fans chanting. They also give football nicknames like The Steel Curtain, The Immaculate Reception, and especially in honor of six Super Bowl Championships. There is always incredible energy in Heinz Field that electrifies the stadium on game day. Pittsburgh fans still support them in their good and bad times, which makes them different from others. Steelers, being the oldest team, has never failed in changing their trends like color, uniform, logo, and traditional style. Know about all the fantastic steelers football stuff here.

Steelers Football Stuff – The Team Uniforms – Colors And Logo

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In the beginning, the team had vertically-striped jerseys that were just like the prison uniforms with some variations like the Pittsburgh crest at the front. After some years, the uniform was again designed, and northwestern striping at the sleeves was new. Due to a new uniform experiment in 1960, it was decided to omit the stripe pattern. In 1962, it was for the first time that steelers began wearing two types of jerseys so that fans could easily differentiate their opponent team by their colors. Then, in 1966 the most infamous uniform came when a uniform like a batsman outfit was designed. Now, all the black uniforms debuted, and steelers wear black jerseys with gold stripes.


Since the club’s inception, steelers have been wearing black and gold as their colors except for the 1943 season when the team’s color was white and green due to wearing the eagles uniform. The city’s official flag also consists of black and gold colors, representing the two ingredients required in iron ore, coal, and steel. Initially, the team wore black jerseys and gold-colored helmets. Now all major professional groups of the city share black and gold colors. Black and gold colors even identified steelers football stuff.


In the earlier time, steelers used to have several logos, including a football with Pittsburgh’s skyline, Pittsburgh’s crest, and a construction worker who was holding a pennant hanging onto a chain. The present logo of the team is based on a flag, which was designed by Pittsburgh. But now, the team has made subtle changes to the logo to own a trademark. Steelers are the only football team that puts its stamp on one side of the helmet.


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Steelers Football Stuff is always unique and marvelous. Their uniforms are simply yet some of the sharpest uniforms. They always kept their logo uniforms updated to be in trend.

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