A Passion For Mexico Soccer Team

A Passion for Mexico Soccer Team

Sport is one activity that connects all. For Mexico, it is soccer. Old, young, rich, poor, everyone loves this game. This country has a passion for the Mexico soccer team. You can see this happening in daily life. Mexico is a famous soccer team in the world. They have played sixteen times in the Football World Cup.

A Passion for Soccer in Mexico
A Passion For Mexico Soccer Team


From the year 1994, they are participating every year. Mexico has a good facility for soccer. They can find young talent in the early days. Later they improve the ability of these players and make them world-class. Let’s take a look into the passion for soccer in Mexico.

Mexico Soccer Team – History

European people first took soccer to Mexico. It wasn’t very popular in the beginning. The first football club started in Mexico in 1897. In the year 1923, it chooses its first national team. This year Mexico played its first match against Guatemala. With this humble beginning, this nation found the Mexican Federation of Soccer in the year 1927. Next year in 1927 it took part in the 1928 Olympics.

Mexico Soccer Team – Statistics

If you watch soccer, then you would know that the figures do not tell the total story. It is very true for the Mexican team. In every match, they play with their heart and soul. However, they have only a few wins. They played Confederations Cup seven times but won only once in 1999. Similarly, they played sixteen world cups but only reach quarterfinal two times. However, they are the king of the CONCACAF Championship & Gold Cup. Here they won eleven times.

Mexico Soccer Team – Infrastructure

Mexico has a good facility for soccer. Here people love this game too much. The search for talented players begins at an early age. Every school has a soccer team. Usually, most talented soccer players come from these teams. Once they selected, they go through tough training.

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This training activity makes a great player. In the world stage, they stunned everyone with their performances. Azteca Stadium is the home ground of the Mexican team. It is one of the best playgrounds in the world.

A Passion for Soccer in Mexico
A Passion For Mexico Soccer Team

Mexico Soccer Team – Players

Soccer is not a game of one person. Eleven persons make a team. All of these players need to play together to win. Most Mexican players bring together their effort in the match. Many players gave their best for the team. Hugo Sánchez, Rafael Márquez, Jorge Campos, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, and Horacio Casarín are few of them. Due to their effort, Mexico has become a star team in the world.

Mexico Soccer Team – National soccer league

Liga MX is the top platform of the Mexican national soccer league. In this league, 18 teams play against each other. All of the games in this league are very exciting. At this time, the passion of people explodes on the street. The public fills all the stadiums during these league matches. Everyone comes to the ground to see this event.


Mexico is not a rich country. But it has full passion and love for soccer. 

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