Amazing Importance And Interesting History Of Shin Guard


The Shin Guard is very important in sports because shinbone is the most fragile, however, inadequately secured piece of the leg. It is surrounded by fragile flesh and the smallest of wounds can harm the tissue to the shinbone. The shin is always at risk with sporting events that need a lot of movements. Therefore, Shin protectors, are a defensive wear that guards the shin from damage while playing games or any other movement that opens that part to conceivable damage. The guard gives retention of shock and circulates it over the cushions with the goal that it doesn’t arrive at the bone. In order to minimize injury, it has been made mandatory by all sports body to wear protective gear during all sporting events. On and off the field, shin guards are the most common preventive gears.

Manufacturing and usage of these shin guards have to follow the rules laid down by the sports bodies. Preference is given to shin guards that are made of rubber or plastic. Again, there are shin guards that are completely tie on strap and can’t be worn in socks. Major events like martial arts, ice hockey, and cricket have enormous gears which are worn without the need of the socks. For the ease of agility and movement, goalkeepers need proper and massive shin guards.

G-Form Pro-S Elite Shin Guards

G-Form Pro-S Elite Shin Guards
G-Form Pro-S Elite Shin Guards

History Of Shin Guards

War was the sole occupation of humans in olden days. They lived on executions and killings. For communities to stay ahead in the battle they invented many gears necessary for survival. Armour was the most important invention as it protected some of the critical parts of the human body. The craftsman in order to protect areas which are prone to attack and damage made it of thicker metal. Steel and bronze were primarily used to make armours. The most crucial body part for any soldier is his leg which helps them to stand. In order to protect them, they wore guards made of bronze around their shin. Hence the chance of the soldiers getting crippled by attacks was reduced. This is the era which marked the starting of the shin guards.

Synthetic shin guards were lesser in weight and gave easy movement than the metallic ones. Because of its shock distribution and absorption ability, shin guards with neoprene liners and EVA became very popular.

Franklin Sports Superlight Soccer Shin Guards

Franklin Sports Superlight Soccer Shin Guards
Franklin Sports Superlight Soccer Shin Guards

Sports That Require Shin Guard

This is a typical inquiry on game destinations. Individuals that personally play soccer needs the utilization of shin guides.  However, the fact is that all  all open air games require shin protection. Here are the  games with the uttermost Shin guard Requirements:

  • Baseball for security against hits from the ball and the bat
  • Ice hockey to decrease the injuries from a fall or hits from the ball and the stick.
  • To reduce hits from the sticks and the ball while playing field hockey.
  • In Lacrosse Cricket it is hugely worn to shield against falls and hits from ball and sticks.
  • In the event of Mountain bicycling.
  • Skiing and Skating to decrease damage from falling off.
  • Kickboxing and Thai boxing events require bunches of shin guards