El Clasico History

Intensifying Fixtures Of El Clasico Rivalry

El Clasico is a major rivalry and the DNA of the Spanish from then till this moment. Spanish history and football master Sid Lowe’s remarks on this game summed up the match splendidly. He stated, “This was the game that originally shaped the recognisable proof of Madrid as the group of the tyranny and Barcelona as its unfortunate casualties.”

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El Clasico: Amazing Facts About its History

The Controversial Transfers Which Took Over The El Clasico Rivalry

Ladislao Kubala was as the best player toward the beginning of the 1950s when FC Barcelona grabbed him from the clutches of Real Madrid who were additionally intrigued by the playmaker. Another enormous name that triggered the bad relationship was Alfredo Di Stefano.

The two clubs were bewildered with the personality of di Stefano’s parent club that prompted them two both to have signed his signature. FIFA took charge to support Barcelona.

The Puppet to the Administration of the Spanish federation too part and stepped into the matter. At that point, they restricted the signing of non-indigene players in Spain for every other club aside Real Madrid. This prompted Di Stefano moving to the Bernabeu and brought about a colossal hullabaloo in Spain. It was then decided that the Argentine would play for a long time in Spain – two for Real Madrid and two for Barcelona.

Therefore, there was a rumour that Franco compelled FC Barcelona’s leader to back off from this agreement that conversely drove the Los Blancos to sign him for his lifetime. His signing prompted a move in authority in Spain similarly as with him in the side, Real Madrid won eight league titles and five European Cups.

The Rivalry Continued

Luis Figo was another player responsible for the present new status of the rivalry. Presiden to real Madrid, Florentino Perez, needed Figo to sign for his side and conclude on a particular agreement before the transfer phase.

Nonetheless, the Portuguese himself consoled Barcelona fans saying, “I need to promise the fans that Luis Figo, with every certainty on the planet, will be at the Camp Nou on July 24 to begin the season.”

Figo then chose to backpedal on his promise and joined Barcelona’s opponents on the day he was meant to join the Catalans for pre-season training. The Portuguese got a reaction from the Barcelona diehard which was obvious from a pig’s head that was thrown at him in a match at Camp Nou.

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El Clasico: Amazing Facts About its History

Bottom Line

Real Madrid against FC Barcelona was known as the ‘El Derbi’ in Spain with the title “of Clasico” held for the conflict between River Plate and Boca Juniors. Be that as it may, since the turn of the 90s, Barcelona rose to control and changed the dynamics of football and furthermore their contention with Real Madrid. This prompted to the matchup between the two incredible sides coined as the ‘El Clasico’.

This present game’s TV ratings are higher than some other game at the club level. It has consistently observed the best players on the planet to dominate the centre level and go head to head against each other.

More than that, the individuals of these cities have been imbued with a sentiment of loathing towards one another. This has formed the part of their DNA until the end of time, forever and ever. Phil Ball, the writer of the book Morbo – The Story of Spanish football – said it splendidly, “They detest each other with a power that can really stun the outsiders”.

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