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Soccer Role In Maintaining Your Health

There is no doubt about the popularity of football around the world. The last World Cup that happened in Russia in 2018 was watched by more than 4 billion people, which is quite something considering that there is a total of around 8 billion people all over the world. It means that more than half of the population find it worth their time to indulge in a game of football. Football is like religion to many people, by knowing the way they invest themselves in the game. 

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Football As The Most Popular Game You Have Known

Inexpensive Football

One of the most important reasons is because it is inexpensive. It is so cheap that one does not even require the ball to play. You can play it with anything, from soda cans to plastic bottles to anything. All that one needs to do is to mark two goals and find an object that they can throw around. And lo behold, a gang of friends can now experience football. It is crazy how this game can be enjoyed to its fullest, even with a massive lack of accessories and components. 

Another thing is that you can play it with anyone, anywhere. Anywhere there is space to run around. There is space to play football. You can also play it indoors. As it involves striking a ball from one place to another, that is quite a feat. As long as one has an equal number of players, You can divide groups in any form, be it 5v5 or 12v12. 

Team Activity

It is a team sport. However, it also highlights individual plays. It is player focused and provides each player their moment to shine. It is a feature that not many other team sports have because, in team sports, the team is collectively applauded for the performance. However, in football, one can differentiate themselves from other players by taking up the opportunities and playing better. 

Another reason why football is loved so much is its simplicity. Most of the time, games have rules and regulations that one has to abide by. But not in football. It is so simple and yet so fun to play at the same time. The rules are simple and to the point. You have 90 minutes, and you need to put the ball in the opponent’s goal. Whoever puts the ball in the target for the higher number of times wins. No complications at all, and anyone watching it would understand. 

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Football As The Most Popular Game You Have Known


The final reason would be the fact that football is an international sport. It is not a game for specific countries like baseball or cricket. Also, people play it internationally with a fan following all over the world. It gives each country a chance to represent their country with the sport of football. It provides every country the moments to shine and to make each citizen of their country feel proud of their achievements, especially in games like FIFA.

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