Football Gear For Kids- Must-Have Youth Football Equipment

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Football is the most popular sport in the world, and that too for good reasons. From the FIFA World Cup to club matches and European competition, football has always kept fans on the edge of their seat. And due to its ongoing popularity and accessibility, many parents encourage their kids to play this beautiful game. Along with its numerous health benefits, football also helps in developing mental strength, teamwork, and coordination. In short, football is more than a game for players as well as fans. It doesn’t even require a lot of money to play football with proper coaching and training. So here we’ll discuss primitive football gear for kids. Read on.

Boots And Shin Guards- Football Gear For Kids

Choosing a perfect boot for your kid can be quite confusing with a variety of options available in the market. But before selecting, you should check the material used in manufacturing the boot. Remember, football requires a lot of quick movement and running, so its recommended to choose a lightweight boot. With all the colors and different styles, its essential to ensure that your kid gets the highest level of protection.

According to FIFA rules, all professional footballers need to wear shin guards. The purpose of the unique designs of these guards is to protect your child from injuries. Sliding tackles are part of a football match, so without a shin guard, your child can get seriously injured. Their main purpose is to protect bones and soft tissues from an external impact. They are made with shock absorption material, thereby reduces the chance of serious injuries. Boots and shin guards are compulsory in any professional football gear for kids.

Football Gear For Kids- Must-Have Youth Football Gear & Equipment
Football Gear For Kids- Must-Have Youth Football Gear & Equipment

Balls And Training Equipment- Football Gear For Kids

Choosing football depends on your child’s age. According to FIFA guidelines, size-3 balls is for children under 9, size-4 are for children 12-14. And the standard size-5 is used by children 15 and above. These guidelines help young players to find appropriate sizes and practice accordingly. Your child’s feet get strong with training, so starting with a small ball can help in the long run. Although, most football coaching centers have proper balls according to your child’s age. But owning a ball can help your child to practice at home.

Training equipment includes cones, nets, speed hurdles, poles, football ladder, and many more. These things can help your child to grow as a player. For example, cones are-used for practicing ball control, poles are used for body balance, and speed hurdles are-used for increasing agility. Using these will increase your child’s body balance, dribbling, speed, agility, and overall fitness. So, balls and training equipment is vital for football gear for kids.

Gear Bag- Football Gear For Kids

While going for training or a practice match, your child needs to carry a gear bag. This gear bag will contain a water bottle, boots, ankle tapes, shin pads, pain-relief spray, compression shorts, and compression socks. In short, a gear bag will contain all the necessary items that your child needs. For example, if your child suffered an injury, then you can use pain relief spray. Compression shorts are known for optimizing the blood flow through the muscles so that your child can perform better. Sock tapes are used for keeping the shin pads in their right place during a match. Having a gear bag is an essential tool for football gear for kids.

Football Gear For Kids- Must-Have Youth Football Gear & Equipment
Football Gear For Kids- Must-Have Youth Football Gear & Equipment


Whether its a normal-practice session or a football match, your child needs to dress-up accordingly. The coaching centers generally provide the uniform or the official jersey with its cost included in the admission fee. But depending on the weather condition, you might need to buy a few things like gloves, practice jackets, and winter caps. You’ll also need some t-shirts, socks, and shorts for regular training and practice sessions.

Football requires a lot of training, hard work, and body fitness. So, it will surely help your child to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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