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Football Players In Search For Greener Pasture


Without the Outside Country Football Players, here is how Your popular Teams Would Look Like.

Some people leave their country of origin because of economic status. Conversely,  other people flee because of violence, and some people leave their nation because of football contracts with football clubs. Therefore, football players relocate for various reasons.

So many world’s best football player often leave their home country at the early stages of their career. They usually migrate with the hope of securing better opportunities. This tells us how the world works. Conversely, this led to hardship in finding any European team without foreigner player because these players, are often the world’s best.

Many football players turned down the opportunities to play for their respective home country. While this isn’t good to say that this occurs to players that gained prominence from the global south, in the world’s top leagues.However, this is how migration works and how some nations benefit from it.

This is the typical structure of your favorite football teams at the 2018 World Cup in Russia would look like if there are no migrated players.

Football Players in Search for Greener Pasture
Football Players in Search for Greener Pasture

Foreign Football Player In Russia Football Team

Football player, Mario Figueira Fernandes was born in the year 1990 at Sao Caetano do Sul, Brasil. While playing a friendly march against japan in the year 2014, He made his debut with Brazil’s national team. However,  he signed a contract with Russia’s CSKA Moscow in 2012. This resulted in his inevitable acculturation and eventual qualification to play the game for Russia.

He acquired Russian citizenship in 2016 and made his debut for the national team in a friendly match against South Korea in 2017.

Football Players in Search for Greener Pasture
Football Players in Search for Greener Pasture

Outside Football Players In Portugal Football Team

Another immigrant is William Carvalho. The player was born to a family of footballers in Luanda, Angola. Moved to Portugal at an early age to pursue his career. He started his career very young and as a result, he was called by the Angolan Football Federation to play at the national team. Unfortunately, William Carvalho rejected the offer. He debuted with the Portuguese under-21 team against Ukraine in 2012.

Gelson Martins, was born in the year 1995 in Praia, Cape Verde. He migrated to Portugal in the year 2008 where He became the Carvalho’s partner at Sporting. CPMartins is a winger,  and he is among the future of Portuguese footbal. He debuted with the nation’s under-19 team in  the year 2014.

Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira, popularly known as “Pepe,” is a brazilian born and raised in Brazil. Upon sealing his deal with the Maritimo when he was 18 Years of age, he migrated to Portugal to continue his career. However, he has played with different club such as real madrid and Beşiktaş since he moved to Pirtugal.  He naturalized himself in the year 2007 and played for portugal in the 2010 World in South Africa. While he was platyng for Portugal FC, at the tournamsnet, he coincidentally played against his home Country, brazil.

Some other players that are not mentioned in the team were given brith to parents orginated from portugal. Depsite their bith history, thay later came back or chose to play for another Lusitanic countries, such as  Adrien Silva, Raphael Guerreiro, Anthony Lopes and Cedric Soares,.

Football Players in Search for Greener Pasture
Football Players in Search for Greener Pasture

Away Football Players In Poland Football Team

Here is another back to the root story; the story of Thiago Cionek. He was a blessing to a polish family in the city of Curitiba, Brazil, in  the year 1986. He spent most of his life in brazil. He played for various Brazilian clubs before he applied for Polish citizenship, that he got in the year 2011. They call him for a friendly match with Germany in 2014 and represent the European country at the 2018 World Cup.

Outside Footballer Player In Argentina

Football Player, Gonzalo Higuain was born in the city of Brest, France. He was born into Jorge Higuain family, the Argentine Footballer . When he became 10month old, his family moved back to Argentina where he grew up and built his career. As a result of his citizenship by birth, although it was reported that he could not speak French, he has a French passport. He became Argentina National Team memeber in the year 2007. Later on, he was selected by Diego Maradona, coach of the national team, to debut against Peru in the year 2010.

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