Four Incredible Facts About Luka Modric

Four Incredible Facts About Luka Modric
Four Incredible Facts About Luka Modric


There is no doubt, Luka Modric is a Star football Player. Despite the fact that star players lead celebrity lifestyle, with the exposure of their nook and cranny of their daily life, nonetheless, certain parts of their careers remain hidden under their eye-catching design boot and the bumper wages. Most of these stars have a humble beginning, and from the information behind their humble beginnings, footballers portray some distinctive personality that we often fail to consider.

So far so good, Interesting lifestyle of Luka Modric has resulted to living his dream by playing as a mildlfielder in the hear of Real Madrid. The 31-year-old Croatian is a distinguished footballer depsite the  rags-to-riches talee about him. Number on the Luka Modric’s jersey ipay homage to the Real Madrid. Here 4 interesting facts you wish yoou knew about this Croatian Star .

1.) AmazininglyLuka Modric Was Born In ‘Modrici’ Villiage

Luka Modric was born, grew up and begin his football career at the village called Modrici ( The plural for Mordric). The house he lived as a child is situated along a stretch of narrow linking his house and Velebit mountain range together.

The velebit road, popularly known as a dark hisory region, is always isolated  and secluded . More than Twenty years ago, there was a pronounce war at the region for as result of some vulgar war crimes thereby suggesting the presence of landmines.

2.) Luka Modric During The Croatian Independence War

Modric has horrifying memories of the war despite the fact that he was very young during the wars for independence. In the year 1991, local Croatian Serb rebels encroached an area at modrici. During that time, Modric was just six-years-old. This encroachment led to the murder of his grandfather and was killed in cold blood while he nurtures the cattle.

It was a bitter experience to the family of a 6- years old child like modric.  As a result of this incident, the family of Modric had to consequently flee the area and stay as refugees in a large hotel in Zadar. This is the kind of  experiences that  gave the previous Spurs man the kind of confidence and the mentality he needed to flourish at the zenith of his football career .

Four Incredible Facts About Luka Modric
Four Incredible Facts About Luka Modric

3.) Luka Modric’s Favourite Is Carlo

Modric served under the stewardship of four different managers while he stays at the Santiago Bernabeu. , Rafael Benitez, Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, and Zinedine Zidane are the four mighty managers of mordic. Last year during an interview with the B BC, Mordic admitted that Ancelotti is still the best manager that has ever mentored him.

Modric  said “We had a magnificent relationship, we still have a good one; that’s why I would pick him again and again ,” . He outlining that the Italian was his love of the four of his manager.

 4.) What About Luka Modric Two F’s – Football And Family

Luka Mordic may carry out his specialty probably as the greatest outfit in the football world , however, Modric never underestimated his humble beginnings. “I just ever attempt to do as well as cam expected on the football pitch. I’m not a model or something. I am a football player,” This is the expressions of a player who has his feet attached to the ground. The main thing which exceeds football in Luka’s brain is his family.

He has two kids, Ivano and Ema, and wedded Vanja Bosnic in Zagreb in 2010 after four years of dating. He’s not confined from his family. “There is no single  day that I  don’t talk to my family and my two sisters back home and I just ever attempt to do as well as am expected on the football pitch.”