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Here Are Some Interesting Facts About EI Classico

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About EI Classico

EI Classico is undeniably the biggest football event that happens every year. Some of the main reasons behind their popularity are several subplots, bragging rights, and controversies linked to it. Clasico is referred to as the enmity between the “FC Barcelona” and “Madrid CF” that fills the heart of the fans with delighted and soul-crushing reminiscences for the fans of both the teams. This makes the Clasico a lot much more than just a football match. In this article, we are sharing with you some of the lesser-known and interesting facts about EI Clasico.

EI Classico: The Biggest Rivalry

The new generation of football fans is not aware that Clasico has a great cultural, and historical significance. It is popularly known in the history of football for being the biggest rivalry ever. The top football teams, as ‘Madrid CF’ and FC Barcelona, have a long-standing rivalry that stirs the emotions of their fans all around the globe.

The Beginning Of EI Clasico

The rivalry of Madrid and Barcelona started in 1902 when one of their initial meetings took place at a tournament organized to honor King Alfonso XIII. This enmity kept on growing in the Franco period when Madrid became the sign of Spanish nationalism, and FC Barcelona was considered to be the most solid expression of Catalan identity, and pride. This rivalry started from that time and has been continuing till date.

EI Classico: The Most Followed Football Club:

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About EI Classico
Here Are Some Interesting Facts About EI Classico

After the projected UEFA Champions League Final, “Clasico” became the most-watched club football match throughout the globe. To date, there have been recorded a hundred millions of audiences of the club.

Describes Any Encounter Of Two Teams

Earlier the term “Clasico” has been originally associated with the Barcelona and Madrid matches that used to take place in La Liga. However, now this term describes any encounter of the teams, in the UEFA Champions League, Copa del Rey, or other types of competitions.

Julen Lopetegui Has Represented In EI Classico

Not a lot of players have represented both clubs in their career, the present Madrid coach Julen Lopetegui was on the records at Madrid from the period between 1988 and 1991 and Barcelona from 1994 to 1997.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About EI Classico
Here Are Some Interesting Facts About EI Classico

El ClassicoThe Biggest Controversy In The History

The biggest argument that took place in the history of Clasico was the allocation of Argentine footballer Alfredo di Stefano in the 1950s due to confusion caused by Millonarios Fútbol Club. The player signed a playing contract with both Barcelona and Madrid.

After continued discussions, the Spanish Federation concluded that Di Stefano would play two seasons for Madrid, four seasons in Spain, and two seasons for FC Barcelona. This case became the reason for a massive scandal and a series of unending protests by the followers of the two teams.


The enmity between the two legendary football teams goes beyond the playfield. These incidents will help the young generation of football fans to widen their knowledge and the older generation to recall those moments.

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