CTE Problems - How Dangerous Is CTE In Football

How Dangerous Is CTE In Football

The Patriots Are Super Team

NFL has one of the highest viewership in the world of sports. People even come in from a number of other countries to the united states to watch their favorite players competing. Some of the most important players are Tom Brady, Odell Beckham Jr, and Julian Edleman. So, even the players give their best in each and every game. One of the aspects of the game that is questioned by a lot of health experts is the tackle in the game. Imagine how bad it is for them to practice tackle before the game and do the same even after the game. Players totally ignore the chances of CTE. CTE is very deadly. Players must be aware of the problems that they could face after they finish their playing career or even during their playing career. Let us look at some of the facts related to the deadly disease.

How Dangerous Is CTE In Football
How Dangerous Is CTE In Football

Neurodegenerative disease

The neurodegenerative disease will cause a lot of problems for the players. One of the main causes is a regular collision. Collision in the NFL doesn’t just occur during the game but also during the celebration. So, it is important to educate the players who are exposed to one of the deadly diseases that would steal their lives after the end of their playing careers. The coaches come up with a lot of new methods and helmets with extra protection foams. But none of them are as effective as the self-awareness. It would also not make any sense to ask the players to do it otherwise. They invest all the passion they have in each and every game that they play.

Multiplication Of The Risk

Studies are against the tackling aspect of the game. But the NFL would not be able to do anything to change that. Because that is an integral part of the game. Studies show that the rate of multiplication of the risk increase by more than 25% in just one year of playing the game. This is one of the factors why parents ask their children to focus on other games and not football.

How Dangerous Is CTE In Football
How Dangerous Is CTE In Football

Coaches Solution

Well, coaches have a solution to reduce the problem. They couldn’t solve it completely. The coaches argue that the risk is due to the position of the player during a tackle. It is important to keep their heads straight and facing in the forward direction at the time of tackle. This would not increase the chances of CTE. The risk of developing increases at a drastic rate. So, the NFL and the coaches must together come up with a manual that would suggest on do’s and do not’s.


A lot of Ex-players in the NFL have committed suicide. Many of the young players who would have excelled in the NFL have also died at a very young age of 20 years or below. The situation is very serious because there is no blame game to play but to improve the situation at least going forward. Even though the NFL took its time to recognize the problem, it is now acting for the betterment of the players and the game.

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