Concussion Football - Be Safe From Concussion While Playing Football

How To Be Safe From Concussion While Playing Football

Top Facts OF American Football

A lot of parents do not want to send their kids to play football. The reason is quite famous. A lot of ex-players have shown symptoms and injuries that affected the lives of their families. The NFL has been advocating about the changes in the material used for making the helmets that are now safe for players. But it is still not very convincing. Several research documents and journals have been release pointing to the same problem. Hence, it is important for the NFL to react in a way that is very convincing. Even the Will Smith movie conveyed a lot of truth to the public. Concussion in Football is something that must not be ignored. A twenty-year old’s mind can be like a sixty-five-year old’s mind. Also, you must take care of the possible damage that it may cause to the family of the player.

How To Be Safe From Concussion While Playing Football
How To Be Safe From Concussion While Playing Football

The Concussion In Football Movie

The movie presents real events that lead to the discovery of the concussion. Will Smith plays the character of Dr. Bennet Omalu. The doctor discovers multiple players with injuries that have gone out of control. A lot of ex-NFL players have even committed suicide. They were not able to fetch help from the NFL or the management. Hence, it must be given an utmost importance. The NFL later acknowledged that the problem is really existing and came up with methods to stop the disease. Some of the common symptoms included early age Alzheimers. So, the NFL ordered new research to take place. They have now come up with extra safe helmets. But the problem still persists and the long term solution is still yet to be discovered.

A Solution From The Coaches And Management

One of the common methods that coaches ask players to do is to keep their heads high. This does not mean just in an expression of pride. It is avoid direct head to head conflict. If players always keep their heads high, they can avoid the conflict with other players. The conflict takes place when both the players storm forward without actually looking or looking down. That is one of the ways of avoiding concussion in football. But, to be frank there is no complete prevention. Hence, you can not really talk about prevention is better than cure.

How To Be Safe From Concussion While Playing Football
How To Be Safe From Concussion While Playing Football

Parents And Ex-NFL Players On Concussion In Football

We can understand why the parents of kids are now avoiding their kids to participate in playing football. There are plenty of kids who died at the age of 20 or even lesser than that. It is very scary. But preventing your kids from playing is not going to help it. You must consult a good physician and understand how to prevent injuries to the head.

Celebration In NFL

The celebration in the NFL is something that must be looked upon. Well, you can not ask players to celebrate the way you want. Studies are really against the way they celebrate by crashing each other’s helmets. That may not cause a direct concussion. But in the long run, it may slowly show the effects.

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