Interesting Facts About Real Madrid That You Did Not Know

Interesting Facts About Real Madrid That You Did Not Know

There are countless fans of Real Madrid C.F. all across the world. It is probably amongst the world’s grandest clubs to date. But how much do its fans know about this iconic club? Here are a few interesting facts about this club that you may not have any idea as of yet.

Meaning Of “Real” In “Real Madrid”

The club was formed in the year 1902. It was originally named ‘Madrid Club de Fútbol’. Later in 1920, King Alfonso XII modified the name a bit by appending the word ‘Real‘at the beginning of the name. The symbol of the shield also got a crown emblem on it. The addition of “Real” was a give a ‘Royal’ feel to the team. The team won several awards one after another and received international success. when the name was amended.

The Temporary Disappearance Of The Real Madrid Crown

Interesting Facts About Real Madrid That You Did Not Know
Interesting Facts About Real Madrid That You Did Not Know

Due to the stormy years in the Spanish Civil War, both the newly added word “Real”, as well as the crown on its shield, got removed. During that time, the team was known by “Madrid C.F”. A purple band was attached to the shield. After the conclusion of the war, the team regained its emblem and real name. The purple band was also retained.

Real Madrid C.F. Has Never Been Dropped To The Second Division

In the history of football, there has never been a single incidence when the team got dropped to the second division. The same is with two other best-performing football teams Atlético de Bilbao, and F.C. Barcelona.

Real Madrid C.F. Started Numbering Its Players From 1947

This is the first Spanish team to have the number their players. This was seen first on November 23, 1947, when its players were seen wearing numbered shirts while playing the game in the Metropolitano Stadium.

Real Madrid Was Invited To Play Once At El Escorial

After the creation of the team in 1902, it was invited to play at the time of the festivities held in San Lorenzo de El Escorial town outside of Madrid city. The game took place on August 11, 1902, in front of the El Escorial monastery. In this game, the team scored 6-5 and registered a win.

The Reason For Real Madrid C.F. To Wear A White Color Uniform

There are several stories about why the team always wears a white uniform. The most famous one is that the boys in Spain are accustomed to practicing soccer in their white-colored undershirts.

The New And Grand Real Madrid Stadium Is Going To Come Soon

The new stadium is expected to start its construction in 2018 in Santiago Bernabéu. It is going to be twelve meters larger compared to the present stadium. This news will delight its fans all over the world.

Interesting Facts About Real Madrid That You Did Not Know
Interesting Facts About Real Madrid That You Did Not Know

FIFA Regards Real Madrid C.F. To Be The Best Soccer Team Ever

FIFA has named this team to be the ‘Most Successful and Best Football Club of the 20th Century’.  Also, the players of the team may be one of the affluent members of all the other football teams. Talking about the revenue generation, the team stands in the second place. It is also the second most valuable club as of date. They earn over €600 million every year and have a fan base of over 228 million supporters.


Real Madrid has been one of the most favorite clubs in the world. It has entertained millions of fans in the world. Being a true and loyal fan, all of these interesting facts must have delighted you and made you feel proud. 

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