Cleveland Browns And The Patriots

The Patriots Are Super Team

NFL is a professional national football league played in America. The US loves this sport more than anything else. It’s more like a culture for the Americans. The NFL consists of 32 clubs that compete in a 17-week long season.

The 100th season of NFL will be a grand one with major teams competing against each other. It started on the 5th of September, and it began with a playoff between Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. Now we have reached the 12th-week o the NFL. The Cleveland Browns will reach the playoffs. However, the Patriots may have a problem with it.

The Cleveland Browns Will Reach The Playoffs: NFL Playoffs: Cleveland Browns And The Patriots

NFL Playoffs: Cleveland Browns And The Patriots
NFL Playoffs: Cleveland Browns And The Patriots

 The Cleveland Browns fans are thrilled as their team will reach the playoffs. They defeated their rival Miami Dolphins on Sunday. The team did not have a good start this season. They put up an amazing show till now, and we hope they can continue the winning streak. 

Cleveland Brown will be playing in Pittsburgh in the next week. Soon after that, they will have to play two more games. One against Bengals and another against the Ravens. The game with the Ravens will be a tough one to win.

If everything goes according to plan, the Browns will end up with a score of 9-7. And this score will be enough for them to reach the playoffs. Everything looks good, except that the team is missing their best defensive player. Myles Garrett’s suspension can put the Cleveland Browns a step back in the competition. But a good game, hard work, and dedication can put them into the playoffs.

The Patriots’ Offense Has Major Issue

NFL Playoffs: Cleveland Browns And The Patriots
NFL Playoffs: Cleveland Browns And The Patriots

This team has a fantastic lead in the NFL. With a 10-1 score, they have positioned themselves as a powerhouse. The recently defeated Cowboys in Foxborough in their last game. 

The Patriots have a monster of a defense, but they do lack in the offense. Their offensive gameplay is not the best. Hence, they should work on it if they want to win in January. They were some problems faced by the Patriots this season. The weather was horrible, their best offensive players, Mohamed Sanu and Phillip Dorsett missed a couple of games. For them to win in January, Sanu and Dorsett have to play and provide the team with offensive power.

The Patriots will be looking at the playoffs of Browns, as the outcome will affect their game in the future.

Looks Bad For The Bengals

The Bengals have lost all the game until the 12th week of the NFL season. With a score of 0-11, The Bengals are in a tough position. The main question in everyone’s mind is that will they even qualify for the next season. This season’s playoff is meaningless for the Bengals. 

Conclusion: NFL Playoffs: Cleveland Browns And The Patriots

The Cleveland Browns can make the playoffs if they play their cards right. There is high hope for the Cleveland Browns to compete in the playoffs. Their first half of the season was against the toughest teams in the bracket. Their upcoming matches are against some easy teams. So, it shouldn’t be hard for them to reach the playoffs this season.

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