NFL Preview - A Look At Some Hot Football League Teams -

NFL Preview – A Look At Some Hot Football League Teams

football league of legends

If you are looking for an exciting alternative to regular football, the National Football League of Legends is the game for you!

The NFL is divided into three divisions: the Eastern, Central and Western conferences. One of these conferences, the Eastern Conference, features the Atlantic Division, which includes the teams from the aforementioned conferences – the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and Miami Dolphins. The Western Conference features the Central Division including the Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, and Oakland Raiders. There is no wild card allowed in the Eastern Conference, meaning teams are split up evenly. The result is a playoff scenario between the highest seeded team from each conference.

The NLL Season

The NLL season starts in Week 1 with the Green Bay Packers hosting the Houston Texans. It will surely be an exciting match to watch and to see what the rookies are capable of doing! If the Bills lose to the Packers, they will lose their third straight game and start the rebuilding process. If the Bills win, they will take home the trophy and put the division on the shoulders of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Central Division is also composed of two powerhouse teams – the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears. The Lions are fresh off of a crushing victory over the defending Super Bowl champs in the XLII. They have a talented defensive unit, which has enabled them to hang around in the playoffs so far. The Bears, though, just made the trade that sent Brian Urlacher to Chicago in exchange for Richard Hamilton, and they hope that by adding a big player like Hamilton, they can put pressure on the Lions’ porous offensive line.

The Western Conference

The Western Conference has some solid football teams as well, with the Broncos and Raiders in the playoffs. Denver has won the last two games over the Raiders, but there is a new coaching staff that has yet to prove itself. Both teams are very close to each other in terms of both wins and losses, and this could be a fantastic first round match up in the football league’s premiere postseason game!

Another football league battle to look out for this season has to do with the champion Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. These two teams have an interesting history between each other, as the Packers went to three Super Bowls while the Bears missed out. This rivalry carries a special importance in the football world, and it certainly makes for an entertaining season of football!


The most recent NFL playoff game to feature a huge upset was the New Orleans Saints against the Atlanta Falcons. Despite a great defensive effort, the Saints were no match for the heavy hitting Atlanta offense. Now the Saints must hope that returning star defensive end Julius Peppers can regain his form after missing most of the past year with an injury. Peppers is one of the premier defensive ends in the game, and this could be a breakout year for the Saints. Another team that is definitely contenders to make the playoffs is the San Francisco 49ers. Led by current NFL running back Frank Gore, the Niners have got one of the best young runners in football in Michael Crabtree. If the team can manage to keep their quarterback under center, they have a good chance at going far in the playoffs. If they can’t, there will be plenty of expectations to bring forth from all corners of the football world.

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