Real Madrid FC

Real Madrid FC: Why It Is One Of The Famous Clubs

Real Madrid FC is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. It was established in 1902in the city of Madrid, Spain. Initially, it had the name ‘Madrid Football Club’ before king Alfonso XIII. The word ‘Real’ means royal, and the king gave the crown used in the logo of the club. What makes the Real Madrid club so famous worldwide? Let’s go into a detail discussion to find out the reasons.

The Marvelousness Of Real Madrid FC

There are several elite clubs in the world, for example, Manchester United In England, Barcelona in Spain, Bayern Munich in Germany. But none of them probably holds the charm that Real Madrid does. Every football aspirant wants to put on Los Blanco’s pullover and play on Santiago Bernabeu stadium, one of the world’s notable stadiums.

Real Madrid FC: Why It Is One Of The Famous Clubs
Real Madrid FC: Why It Is One Of The Famous Clubs

A vast 80,000 spectators can be there to cheer for their favorite players. The top-class players sign the contract to play for the club team. There is a mismatch in the quality you will get there; no player can deny that.

Any player joins the club fraternity, and his level becomes higher to a superstar status, which is not the case for other clubs. Real Madrid, known as the football capital of Europe, has additional allurement. The players, coach, and the manager involved with this royal team become icons to the avid football lovers.

The Consistency Of The Club

The other reason that has made it the most renowned club is its consistency in performance. They have successfully held the outstanding performance for decades. It has taken the club many steps ahead from its rival teams. This incredible consistency enabled them to keep their nearest rival Barcelona FC far behind.

Los Marengus won La Liga a record 32 times, including five consecutive wins twice. The first time was between 1961-65 and the other time between1986-90.

Los Blancos won either the Europa League or the Champions League in every decade since their time of participation. 1970 was the only exception to this.

They always emphasize on building a top-class team. This is why they are the most extravagant club on this planet and also financially secure because the revenue is evenly distributed to strengthen its foundation.

Real Madrid FC: Why It Is One Of The Famous Clubs
Real Madrid FC: Why It Is One Of The Famous Clubs

Real Madrid FC Club Welcomes The Top Players Of The World

The club has always been the number one choice for the top players on this planet. This rich club is capable of affording them and holding them for a more extended period. Real Madrid is famous for snatching the extraordinary sports talents from other big clubs.

Santiago Barnebeau, Madrid’s home stadium have witnessed most of the superstar footballers playing there. The list includes Ferenc Puskas, Alfredo Di Stefano, Hugo Sanchez, Iker Casillas, Raul, Zinadine Zidan, Christiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo, to name a few. The Pusaward for the best goal of the year is named after Puskar.

If you think about how they can afford these top-level players, I am giving you one instance. The year Christiano Ronaldo joins for $80 million, the club earns $100 million in one year from the jersey sale.

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