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Reasons Real Madrid Will Retain The Champions League

Introduction To Real Madrid

Real Madrid FC, among other 21 teams, has lifted Europe’s most coveted trophy since its beginning in 1955. None of the teams could repeat what clubs like Real Madrid, Benfica, Inter Milan, Ajax, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Nottingham Forest did in their initial years. They won in their successive seasons. Since the introduction of the new format in 1997, no team has been able to repeat this feat. This format is accompanied by the standard change suggesting that teams that weren’t leading their individual associations were permitted to take part in the challenge also.

When a football team of the same caucus with Real Madrid is competing for the championship, it will be advisable not to discourage them of their chances of winning the trophy twice in a row. Even if the club already had been recorded as a champion in five consecutive times in a row through the previous 60 years, the club can still try its luck.

Reasons Real Madrid Will Retain The Champions League
Reasons Real Madrid Will Retain The Champions League

Real Madrid History On The Side

In Champions League History, Real Madrid is the most successful club. They Have won the most expensive prize 11 times over the years. Despite the success of Real Madrid, AC Milan and Bayern Munich also had  7 wins, while  Barcelona and Liverpool had 5 wins.

Among the victories of real Madrid include the series of five progressive wins following the initial introduction of the game. Although Real Madrid wins each of the monotonies starting from1955-1960. The success was recorded with an overall score of 18-8 in the finals’. They failed to succeed in their finals afterwards, despite their impressive efforts.

With 21 trophies, they remain the best in the European football club. As a result, they considered these achievements in comparison to another team. No other team can boast of similar achievements or a similar had similar experiences core football as they do. Despite these facts, whenever the knockout rounds start, it is not ideal to bet against them.

Reasons Real Madrid Will Retain The Champions League
Reasons Real Madrid Will Retain The Champions League

The Zinedine Zidane Factor

The club manager, Carlo Ancelotti, finally got a means to unite the team under one umbrella. He succeeded by making every player to play for the greater glory rather than individual or personal honour.  under Don Carlo’s, Los Blancos at finally figured how to win the 2014 version of the Champions League, with Ronaldo seemingly as his life.

Finally, the approach of the coach was becoming faulty after they failed to win the trophy in the year 2005. Therefore, he hired Rafa Benitez to control the team in future undertakings.

Rafa was not the issue, but the team seems to stray further.   Spaniard was given some autonomy through the half of the season to be in control of the club. And after Raza, the club legend, Zinedine Zidane collected the batton.

The decision was first to criticize because they perceive Zidane as an inexperienced coach. Afterwards, this decision was apparently outstanding among other decisions the club has ever made in the last couple of years. Under the Frenchman, Real Madrid seems to have a proper game plan and attributes that seem absent at the club a long time ago.

Everyone plays for each other, and the team spirit is at an all-time high. They are currently cruising at the top of La Liga and Zidane’s flexible tactics have seen the team adapt to most opponents with relative ease. The never die attitude of the team has rescued the club from losing matches; e.g at 2016 Champions League final, expresses the epitome of the ethos Zidane effort and implementations.

His View

His view towards the transfer market and promotion of youth from the underutilized academy has meant that the Madrid club is primed for the future, with everything finally looking settled for once; without constant speculation on whether the manager will be sacked. 

Their incredible unbeaten run earlier in the season coupled with some exemplary home form at the Bernabeu under Zidane will mean that Real Madrid should definitely be one of the favourites to reach the finals and retain their title.

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