Soccer Enhances Health, Fitness And Social Life | Benefits Of Soccer

Soccer Enhances Health, Fitness And Social Life


Soccer is an exciting team sport that provides all-round health, fitness, and can its player uses it to treat some lifestyle-related diseases. As compared to running, men worry less while playing soccer. Women that play soccer stays active. We derive the above statements from some of the outcomes of an extensive soccer research project comprising more than 40 researchers from various countries. They compared various aspects of soccer with the running activity.

Soccer Enhances Health, Fitness And Social Life
Soccer Enhances Health, Fitness And Social Life

Research Frontiers

This research project was led by Professors Jens Bangsbo and Peter Krustrup. They are from the University of Copenhagen and belong to the Department of Sports Science and Exercise. It was an intensive study spread over 3 years with important aspects from three different segments as a topic of their study. Fascinated with the results of the study, there was a publication of a special edition by the Scandinavian Journal. The title of this edition was “Football for Health” which included 14 experimental articles from the soccer project on April 6, 2010.

Soccer For Health

The researchers carefully examine the natural effects of this training for untrained. This being done for players between the ages of 9 to 77 years. From the result, Football provides broad-spectred fitness and health impacts. As per Peter Krustrup, soccer is a source of social factors that contribute to positive motivation. You can obtain a physically active lifestyle through it. Professor Jens Bangsbo says that with training one hour a week, the effects can be maintained for a longer period of time. Football, therefore, seems to be an efficient type of training that leads to performance enhancements and significant beneficial results to health. This includes a limitation in the risk of diseases possession such as cardiovascular diseases, fractures, and falls.

Soccer Enhances Health, Fitness And Social Life
Soccer Enhances Health, Fitness And Social Life

Playing Soccer Vs Running

In several ways, this training appears to be excellent than running. The best way to treat hypertension problems is by playing soccer. It was found that this treatment was even better than the traditional treatment done by the physicians. Two researchers have found that soccer can be used to promote health-related activities. The study showed that general well being and fitness gets enhanced by playing it. Further studies are required to know what is making the beneficial effects of football. Also, the studies show how well we can use football to guide against heart attack in early childhood. It showed benefits for patients suffering from cancer or Type II Diabetes.

Men Experience Less Pressure When Playing Soccer Compared To When Running

For this observation, they formed a group of 6 untrained women and men. It showed that during intervention all groups went through a high level of flow. It made it very clear that all the women and men were happily playing the game. They forgot fatigue and time and felt happy, involved, and motivated. Despite the significant changes in the pressure level of men, there were no changes in the rate of worry for the female football players and runners. Men who ran seemed to worry a great deal more than the men who play soccer.

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