Sticky Stuff For Football Gloves To Prevent Them From Slipping -

Sticky Stuff For Football Gloves To Prevent Them From Slipping

sticky stuff for football gloves

The best player is not made in one day, but with regular practice, hard work, determination, and never give up spirit, he has achieved whatever he is today. Along with these things, you also need excellent techniques and some good pair of sports gear. In football, talent, daily training, and stamina matter the most, and along with these sticky gloves, they can give you an edge over the competition. Many of these gloves you get out there in these expensive or not so expensive stores don’t have the excellent grip that you will require to ace the game. To provide your gloves with a good grip, you need sticky stuff for football gloves. Washing your gloves a few times is known as the best to sticky and grip, and you need not have any extra sticky stuff for football gloves. But you wish to wash your football gloves in the middle of the match.

Spit Method

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This is the most common and famous thing that players used to do. And sometimes it may also help you to win a match. You can put some spit on your gloves and wipe it just to make sure that the grip is tight and accurate. Many times gloves get dry, and it’s hard to catch the ball firmly, so the spit method can be useful to have a firm catch.

Grip Spray

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Like a spit method, grip spray is used in modern days. It increases the stickiness of the glove that leads to a perfect catch. It is also often used by players for making a grip tight. And it dries instantly. So it’s beneficial to increase the gripping power of a glove. Many players can be seen applying grip spray to have a steady grip over football.

Baby Wipes Method

Many players use baby wipes during the match to have a solid grip over the ball while playing football, so no goal can occur on the opposite team. It is effective, but players can use it only once or twice, that is when the game is about to start and the second time during intervals.


These are a few tips for sticky stuff for football gloves and will help you in the middle of your game too. This sticky stuff for football gloves hacks is something that every player should know. New gloves have a good grip, but you don’t have to throw away your old gloves. Using this sticky stuff for football gloves can help you restore the grip and stickiness of your gloves. Try out this sticky stuff for football gloves, tips, and hacks. These are going to help you.

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