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Story Behind The Journey Of SSC Napoli FC To Napoli

The Name Change To SSC Napoli

In 1964, Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli was the new name given to the club. After finishing second in the Serie B, they were promoted to the Serie A in the same year. They went directly into the business after promotion, emerging 3rd position in Serie A. An Argentinean by the name of Bruno Pesaola was their coach. By beating Juventus FC in the same year, they won the Coppa delle Alpi Cup. The club was very close to lifting the Serie Title but finished on the second place following Milan during the 67-68 season. At this time, the club had numerous excellent players such as Dino Zoff, Antonio Juliano and Jose Altafin. They finished on the 3rd position in the 70-71 and the 73-74 season but overall their glorious run continued throughout the early 70’s.

Story Behind The Journey Of SSC Napoli FC to Napoli
Story Behind The Journey Of SSC Napoli FC to Napoli

Associazione Calcio Napoli

In the year 1959, in the city of  Naples, Stadio San Paolo in Naples was built and the Napoli football team made it their new home in the year 1959. Today, Stadio San Paolo is the third-largest football stadium in the country of Italy with an approximate capacity for 60,240.  Whereas, 109,824 was its original capacity. Notwithstanding, in the year1961, Napoli won the Coppa Italia while playing in Serie B. They managed to defeat SPAL Ferrara after reaching the final for the first time. For their next Coppa Italia trophy, the club had to wait until 1976.

The Saviour Diego Maradona

Naples was surrounded by a deathly quiet on May 10, 1987. The Italian anthropologist wrote ‘The World Hand Changed’ after finding the streets empty. The most   disorganised, noisiest and most congested city throughout Europe was deserted.”

Napoli was on the brink of making history as their first Serie A Title was awaiting for them. Playing against Fiorentina they drew the game 1-1 and achieved it. The Napoli fans were all out on the street celebrating as the city of Naples exploded. They danced on the rooftops and celebrated for days. The fireworks such as cars and buildings display in sky blue, the colour of the team.

Team Structure

 Diego Armando Maradona was one man who stood out at the peak of all the celebration. In 1990 there was hope that he would guide the club to another title, and Argentina was pivotal in the success. However, Napoli wasn’t just a man. In the previous season with the inclusion of the Brazilian forward player,  Careca, the team had a more solid look.  Maradona and Bruno Giordano, made the attacking front referred to as Ma-Gi-Ca.

Story Behind The Journey Of SSC Napoli FC to Napoli
Story Behind The Journey Of SSC Napoli FC to Napoli

The Exit Of Savior Diego Maradona

After the breaking news of the cocaine scandal, Diego Maradona left the club in 1992. In the subsequent years, Napoli lost other talented star players such as Gianfranco Zola and Careca.

After the 1997-1998 season, the team faces relegation to Serie B. To see Napoli again in the Top Ranks of Serie A, the fans had to wait for lots of years.

Liquidation And Re-Foundation

The owner of the Napoli club was declared bankrupt in August 2004 after years of economic struggle. The entire existence of the club was in danger as a result of their huge debts. Aurelio De Laurentiis, the film producer re-established the team as Napoli Soccer after clearing their market debts. Although, at this time of re-foundation, The club was demoted to Serie C, but developed a fast improvement to the top-flight and along with the fact that had its old name is re-established as well.

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