Premier League Clubs


When you talk about soccer, you talk about the Premier League. Apart from the premier league, there is La Liga which is equally famous. But, Premier League clubs have been in high demand than teams in other leagues. The reason can not be just one. But one of the reason is geography. There is no real center to Europe, but if we have to name one, the United Kingdom would steal the spot. Let us look at the most successful clubs that are responsible for the image that is present today.

What Are The Most Successful Clubs In Premier League
What Are The Most Successful Clubs In Premier League

Manchester United

The history of Manchester United dates back to the early 20th century among premier league clubs. The club has been doing excellent ever since its inception. There is also a sad history of all the demise of all the players during a plane crash. But the team was developed back at a rapid pace. They are the most successful in terms of winning the premier league. They won it 13 times. One of the most famous people who come to mind when you talk about Manchester United is the ex-coach, Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson. Apart from him, Cristiano Ronaldo has also played for the same team during the early part of his career.

Manchester City

They are taking everyone by storm right now. City has also won the last two times. They are arch rivals with the other manchester team. Pep Guardiola is the coach. He has been doing a tremendous job with the rotations and team chemistry. In total, Manchester City has won the premier league 4 times.

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What Are The Most Successful Clubs In Premier League

Arsenal: Premier League Clubs

Well, who doesn’t like to see Arsenal play? Their playing style is one of the most famous in the entire soccer world. They were headed by Arsene Wenger for a long time. However, the coach has been changed recently along with a lot of players. One of their notable achievements is to win the premier league without losing a single match in the entire season.

Chelsea: Premier League Clubs

Well, the initial heart of Chelsea belongs to Jose Mourihno. He helped them win the title a multiple times. The team which played under him and captained by John Terry can be called the dream of Chelsea. They are also the second most successful in winning the premier league. One of the notable veterans, Frank Lampard, is leading the team with his coaching skills off late.